My name is Louise Miller and I am a multi award winning administrator. No, seriously...! I received a 'Contribution to the Leicester Comedy Festival' award in 2007 in recognition of admin support I provided as a volunteer and, more recently, a Students’ Union 'Superstar Award' following nomination by students appreciative of the support I provided during their studies. So how did I reach such glittering heights?! Read on! 

Since completing my degree in English Literature and Art (reading and colouring in - still two of my favourite things to do), I've gained over 15 years’ administrative experience in a variety of settings. I've worked as an Administrator, PA, Marketing Assistant, Office Manager and Administrative Team Leader and have built a reputation for being highly organised, efficient and dependable (take a look at my testimonials).

Me, slightly embarrassed, accepting a Leicester Comedy Festival Award in 2007

Me, slightly embarrassed, accepting a Leicester Comedy Festival Award in 2007

I enjoy building relationships with like-minded people, particularly those working in the fields of personal development, wellbeing, creativity and culture. These are the areas that light me up, and I do my best work when I believe in and am inspired by my clients. 

You can find out more about my professional experience below.

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I'm passionate about written communication and helping people express their awesomeness with clarity and correctly placed apostrophes. I'm also one of those very strange people who LOVES a spreadsheet, and I enjoy gathering and presenting evidence to help people make more informed decisions.

If there isn't a plan for something, I will create one. And if I see improvements and efficiencies that can be made, I'll say so (with the utmost tact and diplomacy, naturally). I've built and written content for several websites (including this one), spent many happy hours writing guides to walk people through processes and procedures, and I love a good flowchart!

To help you gain a better picture of my professional background and what I have to offer, I'd like to share some real-life examples of the work I've done over the last fifteen years.

Using words and my eye for detail

I’ve written copy for a variety of industries and audiences, ranging from newsletters, articles and factsheets for a firm of Independent Financial Advisors (IFAs) to web content for an Australian website selling organic health and beauty products. I've been involved in rebrands and have designed websites. Whilst working for a local charity I wrote staff handbooks, policies and procedures and was responsible for budgets and HR.

At the University of Leicester I've edited more course handbooks than I'd care to remember! I've written operational handbooks for schools, and factsheets, flyers and brochures for prospective students. I've reviewed systems and procedures and written process documents and guidance.

Using numbers and managing data

I created some lovely, colour-coordinated spreadsheets (yes, spreadsheets can be lovely...) to allow academic colleagues to analyse the progression and attainment of student teachers. My data and I played a pivotal role during our 2015 Ofsted inspection, resulting in us achieving an 'outstanding' judgement for our Primary Initial Teacher Education provision.

We also used a complex system of inter-linked spreadsheets to help us organise school placements for student teachers. I was the go-to person when additional information needed building in to this system, and when gremlins needed to be found and eradicated!

Collaborating to organise events

I have organised a variety of events over the years, from charity balls (on a voluntary basis) and a festival of deafness to mentor training events and conferences for Newly Qualified Teachers. I’ve produced promotional material, liaised with venues, coordinated workshops and been on hand to ensure that everything runs smoothly in the run up to, and during the events.

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