Tip of the month: How to tackle overwhelm


Have you experienced overwhelm in the past? Are you feeling overwhelmed right now?

This month’s tip is for you.

(This approach works brilliantly when the thing that feels overwhelming absolutely has to get done. Just take a moment to check in with yourself: does everything that you think needs to happen really need to happen? If the answer is yes and you feel like you’re drowning, read on.)

Focus on the smallest action you can take to get you closer to your goal

If you’re experiencing overwhelm, instead of fixating on the enormity of the task in hand, think small.

What’s the next smallest thing you can do? Go do that.

And what’s the next smallest thing you can do after that? Off you go.

And after that? You get the idea.

That’s it. Well that, and pausing to take a deep. calming breath from time to time.

I’m keeping this brief on purpose; if you’re overwhelmed, the last thing you need is a long missive. Just think small and get started, one step at a time.


Do you have any other tips for dealing with overwhelm? Will you be giving this a go? Please share in the comments below – I always love to hear your thoughts. 

And of course, I’d love you to share this if you know anybody else who might find it useful.

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