Less stress and more ease

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You may have noticed me talking more and more about getting stuff done with less stress and more ease. But what exactly does that mean? 

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Hopefully the first part is fairly self-explanatory. We all want to get through our day with as little stress as possible, so anything we can do to minimise our triggers and maintain a sense of calm has got to be a good thing.

But what on earth do I mean when I talk about more ease?

What I don’t mean is that everything we encounter will be easy. Crikey, if we only had to do the easy stuff life would soon get pretty dull. We need challenge and new experiences to keep things interesting and to grow, and that unchartered territory can be rocky!

It’s not about avoiding difficult in pursuit of easy, but about finding ways of getting things done so that it doesn’t feel like you’re constantly banging your head against a brick wall.

But what does that look like in reality?

It’s being really clear on what you’re aiming for and the steps (or at least the next step) you need to take to get there.

It’s sitting down to start work at the beginning of the day knowing what’s most important.

It’s putting yourself back in charge of how you spend your time, rather than being pushed and pulled around by email, social media and other people.

It’s getting to the end of the day feeling a sense of accomplishment, acknowledging the things you achieved rather than obsessing over the things you didn’t.

It’s being able to put a bad day behind you with kindness and forgiveness, ready to start fresh again tomorrow.

Most of all, rather than cramming in more and more to-dos it’s creating space to enjoy life.

And as an added bonus? When you start making changes to find more ease, the stress will lift as a result. 

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