Getting Stuff Done Gold #1: What do cricket and triangles have to do with anything?

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In my quest to help you get stuff done with less stress and more ease, I’ve decided to mix things up a bit. Every month or so, in a series I’m calling ‘Getting Stuff Done Gold’, I’ll be sharing nuggets of wisdom that I’ve picked up from my travels around the interwebs. 

Today’s Getting Stuff Done Gold comes from Australia. More specifically, from the brilliant Michael Back, customer experience enthusiast, marketing & social media dude, people lover and provider of clarity to small businesses. (And all-round lovely guy. I’ve worked with him. He’s awesome.)

Michael’s article, “The triangle: lame musical instrument, amazing productivity tool”, caught my eye for a few reasons. Firstly, it involves a triangle. Anyone who’s been through my Getting Stuff Done Challenge knows how I feel about the number three, so BOOM – box ticked. Secondly, it takes a corporate-ish productivity tool and explains how it could be usefully deployed in a wide range of situations. And thirdly, it made me laugh. 

Here’s a little teaser for you: 

Dinner is cooked and on the table and on this particular Tuesday night, Michael stares down at his food for most of the meal and eats it slower than usual.

Mum: “Michael, you’re a bit quiet, are you ok?”

Michael: “I’m fine”

Dad: “If something’s wrong, you know you can tell us, right?”

Michael bursts into tears

Michael: “I’m really *sob* bad at *sob* cricket *sob* and the kids have started calling me “Duck” *sob sob sob*

Note to reader: this actually happened

Dad: “C’mon mate, sit next to me, let’s 'success triangle' this one”

Michael cries louder because he doesn’t want to sit through the success triangle again. Drama ensues.

You'll find Michael's full article here.


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