Tip of the month: Why you shouldn't just get up and walk away!


This week I’m delighted to introduce another regular feature for my blog: Tip of the Month!

Every month I’ll be introducing you to a tip that’s quick and easy for you to implement, but that has the capacity to transform the way in which you get your stuff done.

Now, you may have heard some of these tips before. But hearing them and actually DOING something are definitely not the same thing. Sadly, you can’t feel the benefits by osmosis! I’m not reinventing the wheel here, but if you regularly struggle with feelings of overwhelm and stress I AM gently encouraging you to take action.

So let’s get started with this month’s tip:

Clear your desk at the end of the day.

Even though we’re using less and less paper these days, general detritus still tends to accumulate on and around our desks as we work. Scraps of paper, mugs of cold coffee, things you’ve printed off, notes you’ve made during phonecalls. It all builds up.

If you just get up and walk away at the end of the day, chances are you’ll start the next day feeling a little ‘off’. If you were feeling drained, frazzled or overwhelmed the day before and you haven’t tidied up, you’ll be reminded of that negative juju the moment you sit down the next day. One bad day can easily turn into a bad couple of days, which can soon escalate into a bad week.

Every new day gives us the chance to begin again and I’m a big fan of doing all you can to ensure you feel energised, calm and focused at the start of the day. Imagine what it would be like to sit down at your desk and feel spaciousness both in your physical space (ah, the joy of a tidy desk), but also in your mental space. You can decide where to direct your attention, rather than having that decided for you by what you left lying around the day before.

And here’s a quick added bonus for you: try to ensure that the only thing on your desk is the thing you’re working on. Distractions, begone!

A friend of mine tried clearing her desk at the end of each day after I suggested it somewhere online a few months ago. When I saw her recently at a wine tasting evening (because that’s how we roll), she couldn’t stop gushing about how it had changed her life. Seriously.

So give it a go, even if just for a week, and see if you can feel a difference.

Is this something you do already? Or does the thought of taking an extra five minutes to tidy up trigger your inner rebellious child?  I’d love to hear your thoughts on this one, so please do leave a comment below.

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