Do you have a love-hate relationship with Facebook?

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It’s no secret that social media can be exceedingly bothersome when it comes to getting stuff done.

So you may be surprised that today I’d like to acknowledge the positive role those platforms can play in our lives, why there’s no shame in wanting to engage with them and how, if we use them well, they can enhance our day-to-day experience rather than hinder it.

Social media started out as a place for us to connect with real-life or long-lost friends; many of us still use it to organise our social lives and keep up with friendships that might otherwise be tricky to maintain. But it’s turned into so much more than that. Facebook in particular has opened up a whole new world of opportunity that simply didn’t exist ten years ago.

If I hadn’t found my tribe online, I may never have had the confidence to quit my job and start my own business. Without the support of my online buddies, I’d probably have allowed stumbles to turn into falls and given up. I don’t know about you, but without the wonderful people I met online I would have no clients and no business. 

Many people I speak to agree that running a business can be lonely. Social media gives us a sense of much-needed connection. An online space in which we can have our very own water-cooler moments with people who understand what’s going on in our world. It also allows us to tell more of our dream clients how we can help them so we can grow our business and do more of what we love.

But for all the opportunities it presents and everything it does for our sense of belonging, there’s no denying that social media comes with a health warning.

The potential for constant connection can be a drain on our time and energy, and obsessively checking our feeds prevents our brains from getting into flow and doing really great work.

Rather than keeping our eyes on our own paper, it’s easy to be thrown off track by what we see when we’re hanging out online.

We see what those we admire are doing in their businesses and wonder if we should follow suit. We experience shiny object syndrome and can be easily seduced by the ‘six-figure business’ promises peppering our feeds.

We become distracted by what everyone else is up to, unfairly comparing the reality of our lives with other people’s highlights reels.

There’s certainly much to be wary of! But none of these potential pitfalls mean we should deny ourselves the connection and opportunities afforded to us by social media.

We just need a little rethink when it comes to how we use it.

We need to learn how to harness the benefits whilst minimising the risk of distraction and overwhelm. How to be intentional about it and take back control.

The good news is that there are simple things you can do that will make that a reality for you, and I’ve created a little something that will help.

If you sign up for my online course, Productivity Made Simple, when the doors open next week you’ll receive “How to make Facebook a distraction-free zone” as a special bonus. In this ‘how-to’ video and downloadable pdf I demo some nifty tricks that mean you can enjoy all the great stuff that Facebook has to offer, without risk of getting distracted. HURRAH!

I’m so excited to share Productivity Made Simple with you, and there’s not much longer to wait… the doors open on Sunday!

In the meantime, tell me – what’s the biggest impact social media has made for you and your business? I’d love to know!

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