I’m A Work In Progress. How About You?


I've been feeling a bit out of whack these last few weeks, but haven't been able to put my finger on why. And then yesterday I had an AHA! moment in the shower (as one does):

It's time to review and rethink my rhythm.

I realised I need to sit down and take a close look at how I'm organising my days and weeks. I need to check in with how those rhythms are making me feel, and with whether I'm devoting enough time and energy to what's most important.

You see, when it comes to productivity, I know that I am (and always will be) a work in progress. What worked for me six months ago, may not be quite right anymore. And so, I recalibrate.

First, I identify the problem (or problems) I'm trying to solve. For example, I know that I haven't been consistent with my marketing, which is really frustrating for me. And as part of yesterday’s lightbulb moment, I realised why that might be. I've been protecting a great big chunk of time for marketing and development on Fridays, but if I’m tired or not on form that day, I've lost my marketing window for that week. It’s not like this happens every time, but I’ve realised that the way I’ve designed my weeks makes it easy for marketing to fall down the list of priorities, and I think we all know that’s not a good long-term move!

So yesterday I sat down with a big sheet of paper, some coloured pens and a stack of post-its, and I played a game. I moved all the pieces of my business around until they fit together in a way that feels good for where I am right now (at least I think it feels good …the proof will be in the pudding!).

I've created a new rhythm to experiment with, allowing myself a few hours each day for the activities I was previously saving up for Fridays. It feels great to know that if I'm having an off day, all is not lost! We are not productivity robots, after all; it's important that we honour and leave space for our fluctuating energy levels. Less stress, more ease, right?

I'm sharing this with you as an example of what feels right for me right now. It's a work in progress, not the perfect I'll-be-doing-it-like-this-forever way of doing things...because such a thing doesn't exist. We evolve and our businesses evolve.

Accepting that you are a work in progress can be so liberating! It frees you from the never-ending quest for that single solution to all your problems. It's far better to experiment with what feels good right now, knowing you're free to review and recalibrate a few months down the line.

So rather than unthinkingly doing what you’ve always done, I encourage you to check in with your daily and weekly rhythms regularly. Take a moment to reflect and see if they are working for you.  Does anything need to shift? I'd love to know how you get on, so please do share in the comments below.

Louise MillerComment