More, more, more...


Productivity is all about doing more, more, more, right?

Not from where I’m sitting it isn’t.

I tried cramming more and more in and the result was stress and anxiety.

With all the productivity know-how in the world, there are still only so many hours in the day. Do you really want to spend all those hours trying to get more and more stuff done?

No thank you very much.

I take everything I know about productivity and use it to create space in my life for the things I love.

I don’t want my down-time to be spent in recovery-mode as I try and muster the energy to start again tomorrow.

That’s not a life well lived. And that’s not the kind of life I want for you either.

Learning how to get stuff done more effectively has helped me to breathe.

It’s allowed me to feel a sense of accomplishment at the end of every single day and to have the time and energy to enjoy my life.

THAT right there is what I want for you too.

Have a little thinky about why you’re here (I mean here in my community, learning about productivity, not here on planet earth…let’s save that for another day!).

Is it because you want to hustle, hustle, hustle and fill every available minute with more ‘doing’? 

Or is it because you want to learn ways of getting stuff done that enable you to have fun, relax and spend time with your loved ones without feeling guilty?

Once you get clear on your WHY, you can use that to spur you on when things get tough.

So what are you hoping to gain from being more productive? Do let me know in the comments below. 

And of course, I’d love you to share this if you know someone who might find it useful.

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