Move it! Your frazzled brain will thank you!


How much time do you spend sitting at your desk? It’s easy to get to the end of the day and realise that apart from the odd trip to the kitchen or bathroom you haven’t budged.

I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you how bad that is for our health, but have you thought about how bad it is for our productivity?

“Productivity is harmed by excessive sitting,” says Dr James Levine, director of Obesity Solutions at Mayo Clinic in Arizona and Arizona State University. “People who are physically active at work become more productive — about 11 to 15 percent more productive.” 

In fact, one company reported that two fifteen-minute walks per day increased their staff’s productivity by 30%!

In my former life, I used to be so ridiculously busy that I’d tell myself I had no time for breaks. I would stay in my office with my head down, locked in a battle with my ever-growing to-do list.

Back then, my stressed-out state had me believe that the key to getting stuff done was just sitting there and getting on with it.

Oh, how wrong I was!

Thinking about it calmly and rationally, I think we all know that the best thing to do if we’re feeling overwhelmed and under pressure is to STOP. Walk away. Get some fresh air. Take some deep breaths. Allow our brains some processing space.

But when we go and sit somewhere quiet for a few minutes, that pesky monkey mind just won’t stop chattering, will it? Meditation is certainly one option, but sometimes you can’t beat a bit of good old-fashioned movement! When your body’s moving your brain has something else to focus on. You’re getting the blood flowing, easing tension and releasing those feel-good endorphins.


When you go back to your desk, chances are you’ll be able to see things far more clearly and will be more motivated and productive as a result.

At this time of year it can be hard to find the motivation to move. The days are shorter, it’s cold and grey and we’re often just feeling a little bit ‘meh’.

That’s why I've launched the first in a series of Mini Move-It Takeovers over in my Facebook group.

I’ve invited some fabulous people to host each take-over, and I know it’s going to be loads of fun! First up is Rosie Harries from Life and Other Circus Skills. Her first short video was shared in the group yesterday, and we’ll be posting a new video every day this week. They're just 5-10 minutes long so it should be easy to fit them into your day. You don’t even need to leave the house!

If you want to get your wiggle on and have a bit of fun, I’d love for you to join us!

Have you noticed how much better you feel when you make time for a little movement in your day? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this one!

And of course, I’d love you to share this if you know someone who might find it useful.

Louise MillerComment