The curious case of the Virtual Assistant and her mission to slow down...

If you follow me on Facebook, you might be wondering why I post about slowing down so often on a page that’s meant to be about my Virtual Assistant-ness. Let me explain...

There were lots of things about my last 'proper' job that I loved, but when the relentless pressure started to feel.... well...a little too relentless, I decided to make a change. I started my own VA business because I’d had enough of feeling overwhelmed and exhausted.  I made a conscious choice to put my strengths - and my default “let me help you with that” setting - to good use. It’s not just about providing admin support (although that IS ostensibly what I do). It’s about helping other people who are also feeling overwhelmed and exhausted.

In my experience it’s impossible to see things clearly when you’re stuck on the hamster wheel. Sometimes you need to slow it down, step off and take a breather. When you do, you'll find that things stop spinning and come into focus. And when things are in focus, it's easier to see what's important.

I’ve taken a step back and slowed down, saying ‘No’ to some things so I can say ‘Yes’ to others, and that’s exactly what I want for my clients. I want them to focus in on the day-to-day and to notice how the work they're doing makes them feel (focused? fulfilled? energised? frustrated? irritable?). I want them to spend their precious time doing the things they’re fabulous at so they can reach more people and grow their business in a way that feels fun!

So by taking a slower, more intentional approach (this doesn't mean I work slowly - on the contrary, I'm a stickler for getting things done as efficiently as possible!), the support I provide goes deeper than "let me help you with that".

It helps people get more joy from their business.

And THAT right there is why I love what I do!

Louise Miller1 Comment