Tip Of The Month: Desktop Zen!


What do you see when you switch on your computer at the start of the day?

If you’re greeted by a desktop that’s full of random files and shortcuts to folders and apps, how does that make you feel?

Agitated? Overwhelmed? Disorganised?

What if every time you turned on your laptop you were greeted by a beautifully calm photo of your favourite landscape, or your pet, or a quote that inspires you? Unencumbered by all the clutter.

In a previous  ‘tip of the month’ I encouraged you to tidy your desk so that you can start work each morning feeling focused, calm and in control. Your computer’s desktop is the digital equivalent.  

It could be that you no longer notice the mess that greets you on your computer; we can easily become blind to such things. But it’s not just about moving away from ‘GAAAAH’! It’s also about moving towards ‘aaaaaaaahhhh’.

And if you need more convincing? Having a spring clean will make it easier for you to find things. It will ensure your files are safe and secure, as desktop files aren’t always backed up. If you’re a mac user, you may even notice it running more quickly - apparently macs can be slowed down by too much desktop ‘noise’.

So, in short, this months’ tip?

Clear your computer’s desktop!

If your desktop is a disorganised mess, set aside 15-30 minutes and have a clear-out. File your files so you can find them easily, delete anything you don’t need and keep shortcuts to a minimum. Choose a motivating/calming/inspiring wallpaper for your computer and see how it feels to be greeted by that every morning.

(If you need some inspiration, National Geographic has a gorgeous selection of free, downloadable wallpaper you can choose from.)

So break out your digital feather duster and let me know in the comments below if it makes a difference to how you feel!

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Louise MillerComment