What about the small things?

Take a look at your to-do list.

How many small things have been lurking on there for what feels like forever?

By ‘small things’, I mean tasks that would take less than fifteen minutes.

You know the small tasks I mean, right? The ones you just never seem to get around to but that you really can’t ditch.

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Is this your productivity nemesis?

Have you ever noticed how many times you reach for your phone during the day? Do you think you could put a number on it if you had to hazard a guess?


If you're anything like me, and many, many other people, you probably pick up your phone without even realising you're doing it. It's like some weird muscle memory thing. It's become habitual.

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Why your attention is like a bag of chips!

Setting an intention can be incredibly powerful. Whether big like a goal for your business, or small like the intention I set when I sat down to write this email, having an intention is jolly useful when it comes to getting things done.

Our intentions help us to stay focused on what's important, to stay in our own lane and to stay motivated when things feel tough.

So why is it that even when we have clear goals for our business, even when we can see where we're heading and feel excited about getting there, we still often find ourselves frittering our days away?

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When overwhelm and anxiety strike!

One month ago I tried a little experiment. I wanted to see what would happen if I spent one week with no TV, no radio, no podcasts, no internet, no phone and no reading after 5.30pm.

My hope was that I'd have loads of great ideas, be inspired to write, draw and make music, get outside, exercise, play games and bask in a slower, richer end to each day.

I was completely and utterly unprepared for what actually happened.

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Time to start thinking differently?

A couple of days ago a quote caught my eye:

"Slow living is this weird duality of being prepared, organised, having systems in place, knowing what's coming and managing expectations, and being flexible and fluid and understanding that life happens."

Replace “slow living” with “productivity”, and Brooke has expressed my philosophy way better than I ever could.

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The importance of taking it one day at a time

Many moons ago, when working in a very busy, pressured job, I used to sit down on a Monday and plan out what I intended to get done every day that week. 

I honestly believed that seeing precisely when things would get done gave me control over both my time and my to-do list. 

There were just two problems with that…

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Get Stuff Done Gold: Consistency is queen!

If you’ve been in a room with me in the last twelve months (whether that be virtually or in real life), chances are I’ve talked at you about Gretchen Rubin! I adore Gretchen’s books about happiness and habits, and her ‘Happier’ podcast makes cleaning the bathroom so much more fun!

Today I want to share a short piece from Gretchen…

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The magic ingredient for success

Six months before I quit my job I was suffering from stress and anxiety. I was managing a team of five in Higher Education and felt the pressure daily. It came from outside of me (frequent, perplexing changes to government policy, staffing issues etc) and from within me (perfectionism, feeling responsible for absolutely everything etc). It’s really no wonder I became ill!

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Why you need to get real...and why that's a good thing!

This week I'm tackling the extremely unsexy topic of getting real. I hope to explain that whilst the idea of 'getting real' may seem limiting, it's actually remarkably freeing! Sound unlikely? Read on and let's see if I can convince you! 

When you get to the end of the day beating yourself up because you didn’t get everything done?

Perhaps you just need to get real.

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