Let's start with the obvious question....

So, what on earth is a Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant (VA) provides expert help with the tasks you’d rather not be doing, without the need to employ a full-time administrator or project manager. We’re self-employed, work from home and manage our own time. Using a VA is a great choice for small businesses who need administrative support but don't want the overheads.

How do I know if you’re the right VA for me?

I work best with people who are already established in what they do and who know where they’re headed. If your business is in its infancy, you’d probably be best working with a VA more suited to start-ups. Similarly, if you’re working in a corporate setting I’m probably not right for you. If, however, you have a business that’s taking off and you’re looking for professional, friendly and reliable right-hand support, I’m your gal!

I take my role and commitment to my clients seriously. It's important that I get things right for you and your business. I understand the power of reputation: your success is my success, so I have a vested interest in doing a top-notch job.

Can you tell me more about how you work?

I am a detail person and a deep thinker, and will ensure I understand exactly what's needed before starting work on a project (that’s where you come in – you’ll need to give me as much information as you can). Whilst I learn fast and am not afraid to try new things, if there's something you need support with that falls outside of my existing skill-set, I will tell you. We can then decide together whether or not I'm the best person to help. You need to know that your work is in safe hands and can rest assured that if I take something on it will be completed to a very high standard (take a look at my testimonials).

Communication is key, and I'll keep in touch with you using Skype and/or email. If you want regular progress reports, just ask. If you'd prefer me to just get on with it and let you know when I'm done, that's fine too.

Will I be able to see how you’ve spent your time?

I use time tracking software and will provide a summary report alongside your invoice or at the end of each month if you’re on a monthly retainer. I round my time up or down to the nearest fifteen minutes, and am scrupulous about pausing the timer whenever I have a break for a cuppa!

What if I don’t use all the hours I booked one month?

When you opt for a monthly retainer, you are booking my time for a fixed number of hours. If it looks like I’m not going to use all that time, I’ll let you know a week or so before the end of the month. That way you can send more work my way to ensure you get your money’s worth! As my time has been booked out to you, I’m unable to offer refunds and hours cannot be carried over to the following month.

And what if I need more hours?

If you’re on a monthly retainer and it looks like I might go over the agreed number of hours, I’ll let you know. It’s then up to you to choose whether I should stop or continue with the task at hand. I can’t always guarantee to have the capacity to work additional hours, but I’ll do my absolute best to accommodate you if we find ourselves in this situation. If you’d like me to carry on – and I have the availability to do so - I’ll invoice you for any extra hours at the end of the month.

Will there be any hidden charges?

If our work together incurs any additional expenses - such as postage, printing, envelopes, travel etc – they will be charged at cost. Don’t worry, though – I’ll be up-front about any additional costs to make sure you’re happy before I start work and to avoid any nasty surprises!

Is there anything else on your mind?
Please do contact me if you have more questions!