Inger Madsen

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What People Say:

Confusion to Clarity VIP Day
with Inger Madsen 

Here’s what Inger had to say after our day together…

“Two years ago I invested over £1,500 on a course that I desperately needed to move me forward in my business and in my personal life.

The course was sold to me as being for ‘absolute beginners’ but I couldn’t get past the starting blocks because it assumed a level of knowledge around certain computer apps that I didn’t have.

I felt very stupid for the longest time and also really upset that I couldn’t use the course and apply the lessons.

And the worst was that I was still paying off the debt for the course without getting any benefits from it at all.

Then I found Louise! She is now my absolute heroine of calm and order and logical thinking and overview and biscuits and kindness and encouragement and a wonderful sense of humour.

We spent a day together where I brought all my pent-up agitation and desperation and it was all met with such gentle, deep listening and encouragement.

As the day evolved and as I asked all my questions I sensed that Louise was holding a clear plan for where we were going.

The relief of letting go of holding that was immense.

It’s really hard to grasp the bigger picture when you are bogged down by incomprehensible, soul-destroying, horrid, nitty gritty technical details and I just loved the way Louise was able to hold the vision and steer the day towards what mattered:

Me coming away knowing exactly what to do and with the skill and tools to do it.

I feel so different after our VIP day that it’s hard to put in to words but my motivation to crack on with the course and make the most of it has gone from 0.5 to 100%.

“You don’t know what you don’t know” and I guess I didn’t know I could have got Louise to help me much sooner. You now don’t have that excuse so if you are in a muddle, stuck in confusion and can’t see the wood for the trees do yourself a favour and spend a VIP day with Louise. She is SO worth it!

Inger Madsen, Therapist, Helping Families Be Happy Again, Saffron Walden

PS: her personalised ‘how to’ videos alone are worth every penny!