Mentoring Testimonial

What people say:

Productivity Mentoring

Here’s what one of my fabulous clients had to say following twelve weeks of mentoring with me…

“Before working with Louise I was increasingly overwhelmed with work. I would wake up in the night remembering things I’d forgotten to do and was exhausting myself trying to hold my to-do list in my head. I was continually thrown off course by other people’s requirements, and at serious risk of not delivering what needed to be delivered. I was wasting precious time being neither productive nor enjoying myself.

As a result of Productivity Mentoring with Louise, I now feel like I’m running a business rather than it’s running me.

The changes I’ve made to my to-do list have been transformational and I’m no longer waking up in the early hours. I’m more aware of what’s going on in all areas of my life, marrying the family commitments with the work commitments. Things may still be rocky from time to time, but I’m no longer stressed about it. I’m in a more mature place as a business-owner, and I definitely wouldn’t have got there on my own.

I always love working with Louise. I enjoy her care for me as an individual and I love that she has an enormous toolkit of stuff to rummage around in that we experiment with together. I’ve enjoyed seeing myself grow and change, and being able to celebrate that with Louise has been just fantastic!”

Anonymous, UK