What people say

What people say

I’ve been fortunate to work with many amazing people over the years, all of whom are passionate about what they do. 

Here’s what some of those lovely folk have said about working with me... (*blushes*)


“Louise is my absolute heroine of calm and order and logical thinking and overview and biscuits and kindness and encouragement and a wonderful sense of humour.

It’s really hard to grasp the bigger picture when you are bogged down by incomprehensible, soul-destroying, horrid, nitty gritty technical details and I just loved the way Louise was able to hold the vision and steer the day towards what mattered: Me coming away knowing exactly what to do and with the skill and tools to do it.”

Inger Madsen, Helping Families Be Happy Again, Saffron Walden, UK

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“Adapting from a senior position in a large organisation to business owner was challenging. I had to create systems and structures that worked for me as an individual, my business and my family.  I was fortunate to be busy with clients, but that meant there was very little time to create the business management structure I needed. It was difficult to delegate to my team, and I was getting increasingly frustrated and overwhelmed as I struggled to keep up with the growth in the business.

Working intensively with Louise on VIP days has been a fantastic addition to her being my VA, raising that to another level as we co-create Effervesce processes and products. She understands where I’m coming from and together we’ve found ways of doing things that feel good and that has given me much-needed clarity.

Thanks to Louise, I now have tools, systems and ways of working that are repeatable, allowing me to relax and enjoy delivering a great service to my clients. We’re continuing to develop ‘the Susan Fielden way of doing things’, which wouldn’t have been possible – or as much fun – on my own.”

Susan Fielden, Effervesce School Finance Specialists, Somerset, UK

"Louise is a total dream - she leaps with joy to do the work that has to be done in my business but that I hate to do (and am no good at). And because she is so good with detail, spreadsheets, research, sourcing and just being on it, she will spot things that we would have missed altogether. When we brought her onto our latest project it was like a huge weight was lifted off our shoulders and we could focus on the stuff we love to do."

Selina Barker, Project Love, London, UK

“I absolutely loved my sessions with Louise. She not only knows productivity, but she is an expert in helping it come to life in your world, no matter the clutter. If you are currently feeling disorganized or far behind no matter how many steps you take in daily productivity, I highly recommend Louise’s program to help you get back on track with the important parts of your business.”

Marelda, Functional Medicine Health Coach, Chicago, USA


"Louise is not just a VA, she's also someone who brightens your day and has an eagle eye for detail - a rare combination! Once she is on top of something, you know it's going to keep on running smoothly from here on in. It's been a pleasure to work with her."

Marianne Cantwell, London, UK (now enjoying the sunshine in LA!)

“As a result of Productivity Mentoring with Louise, I now feel like I’m running a business rather than it’s running me.”

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“OMG. Most productive day in I don't know how long.” - Fiona M

“Just reading about this week's experiment has calmed me down!” - Marietta

“Louise created a lovely safe space where we could mull things over together. She was inquisitive and interested and asked thought-provoking questions which I loved. She was supportive and really took the time to listen.”

Jen, Consultant and Coach, Glasgow, UK

Mia Forbes Pirie

“I had one 30 minute session with Louise and in that short period of time she managed to help me take my planning to the next level.

She really knows her tools and had great ideas and suggestions on how to practically make it work for me. I’m very grateful.”

Mia Forbes Pirie, Facilitator, Mediator, Mindfulness Teacher and Coach, London, UK

“Boom! 15 pages of development plan updated and circulated before assembly this morning.” - Fiona V

”This is a brilliant technique Louise - I love it. So simple but creates so much more brain space. I'm am guilty of cramming way too much on my to do list and then feeling overwhelmed and stressed. This approach is so up my street! Thanks!” - Jen

“Loved it this morning Louise! Brain felt much clearer and calmer!” - Pip

“Louise Miller is an Amazing Virtual Assistant!  She’s incredibly organized, is eager to learn new things, and always in a helpful mood.  She has a natural talent for keeping things moving without you even realizing it!  We live in different countries and yet the work flows perfectly due to the seamless communication system she has built.  Louise has been a hugely important team member for my growing business.  I highly recommend her services.”

Jeanne Patti, Wisconsin, USA

“Having walked close to the edge of burn-out, I turned to Louise for help when I realised that this self-employed malarkey was costing me too much. I felt I was living the dream with a good steady stream of clients but I was soooo stressed about all there was to do.

Working with Louise was a pivotal step to me getting off the hamster wheel. I now have far more perspective and clarity on what needs doing when. Louise is master of clear and uncluttered thinking and communication that is usually tinged with a good dose of humour and she completely ‘got’ me and my stress.

I can hand on heart say that I probably wouldn’t be in business if it wasn’t for Louise’s super powers of clarity, perception and understanding.”

Inger Madsen, Therapist, Helping Families Be Happy Again, Saffron Walden

"WOW just WOW!!!! This spreadsheet has made my day! It is beautifully presented, makes total sense and is making me excited to get it filled out. Finances are my rubbish-est area and I just don’t know how to deal with them. This spreadsheet makes it look simple and I already feel a lot more confident about my business and where it’s going now that I have this spreadsheet and you on hand!

Thank you so much. This has really made me feel a lot better about my business!

Poppy Ward, P Westwell, London, UK


"Louise is amazing, she is exactly what I need as a small business owner. I have given her quite a few challenges over the period of time we have worked together. She has never baulked at any of them, at the same time being honest if she doesn't know the answer. She is also willing to research and find the answers. She keeps me fully informed, but without lots of needless contact, and she is certainly not someone who just carries out tasks mindlessly. Louise is an asset to any company,  a joy to work with and I would thoroughly recommend her. "

Wendy Capewell, The Relationship Specialist, Surrey, UK

“Everyone needs a Louise in their life.

Louise is a very impressive person. Having worked with her for nearly a decade I can confidently say that she is a very experienced, efficient administrator with outstanding skills. She is also calm and assured under pressure, quickly grasps what is needed in any situation and can provide advice about how best to deal with complex issues, always meeting deadlines and ensuring others do so. She is utterly reliable and a joy to work with.”

Stephanie Oswald, Leicester, UK

"Whether we are starting a piece of work with a blank canvas or in a highly regulated context, Louise proves time and time again that she is the right person to have on board. Her ability to understand and work with the smallest of details, but not be bogged down by them, has allowed us to move quickly in managing organisational change within a large, complex organisation and growing priority areas of business."

Dan Derricott, Leicester, UK

"I have worked with Louise for many years. During this time she has shown her total professionalism combined with outstanding data skills. She has always met deadlines even when under pressure and has happily displayed data in a number of ways to ensure that everyone involved can access the information. Louise would always be the person I would choose to employ for any administrative support."

Sue Davis, Leicester, UK

Louise was always quick to respond and help out with all sorts of administrative dilemmas. She has an amazing ability to resolve these dilemmas effortlessly, efficiently and always with a smile.”

Dr Jo Anna Reed-Johnson, Leicester, UK

"I was the operations director at a company where Louise worked for several years, and had oversight of many things that she worked on. She always delivered what was promised, on time and to a high standard. She did all of this in a friendly and helpful manner, and I'd have no hesitation in recommending her services to anyone."

Simon Bartlett, Leicester, UK