My name’s Louise and I love helping busy, purpose-driven business owners like you to get stuff done with less stress and more ease, so you can create space for the things you love.

  • I believe in mindful, sustainable, compassionate productivity.
    (I don’t believe in productivity for productivity’s sake.)

  • I believe that life is richer when we slow the heck down.
    (I don’t believe in hustle and frantically rushing from one thing to the next.)

  • I believe we’re all unique with our own strengths, challenges, likes and dislikes, and that understanding how we work best is the key to finding the joy in our businesses.
    (I don’t believe in a one-size fits all approach to getting things done.)

In short, I believe that figuring out how to get things done in a way that feels good and that works for you is key to finding the fun and fulfilment in running your business.

It took a while to get here, but I’m so very glad I did…

My story…

In my office with its brick wall view, my eyes bloodshot and sore from the fluorescent light, request after request pings in. A flash in the corner of the glaring screen begging for my attention, letting me know every time somebody needs something from me. With each polite, not unreasonable request, the tide of anxiety rises. These people need me. I’m the only person who can help. The lump in my throat worsens, as if I’ve eaten a piece of bread too fast and it got stuck.

I stand up, glass in hand, and walk wearily to the kitchen next door for some water.

Suddenly, from nowhere, a question pops into my head:

“Louise, why are you always rushing to get everything done?”

In that moment, the fog lifts. The clouds that had been gathering above my head for what feels like forever part, and just for a second I can see the sky.

I realise suddenly, from nowhere, the futility of all the pushing and rushing and fighting to keep up. What did I think was going to happen? That someone would lean over and say “Well done, Louise, you did everything. That’s it. You can rest now.”

I realise in that fleeting moment that there would never be an end point. No point at which things would feel totally under control. No point at which I could declare “finished!” and relax. After years of feeling my way blindly through the fog, this moment of absolutely clarity jolts me awake.

I need to choose. Stay on the hamster wheel – appreciated, praised, rewarded, exhausted, stressed, medicated – or find a way to get off. In the fifteen paces from my office to the kitchen, I make my choice.


It’s a cold December morning and I’m cocooned in a white-washed cottage at the end of a Northumberland beach that stretches to the ruins of a castle in the distance and beyond. It’s been a week since our wedding and I’ve got the flu. I feel like an old rag…completely wrung out. Running on empty. But this sanctuary with its open fire and squishy sofas is working its magic.

I get up early, make myself a green tea and curl up under a blanket in a cosy armchair by the window. I sit and watch the sunrise as I sip the hot tea, the waves crashing onto the empty beach.

In the peace of this moment I finally have space to think. The pushing and rushing and fighting to keep up has been dragging me into the depths for too long. It needs to stop. I need a lifejacket.

So, in my cosy, silent corner I pick up my phone and ask: how do I slow down?

And just like that, a whole new world appears before me. A world I didn’t even know existed. Curled up in my armchair, I hungrily devour article after article, feeding my soul with nourishment and hope as the waves continue to crash on the beach.

I feel such an intense wave of relief and a lightness of spirit. The expanse of the sky as the clouds melt away. I’ve found it. There is another way.

Imagine a world where our value and our self-worth are not based on how much we get done. Where there’s no pushing and rushing and fighting to keep up.

Imagine a world where it’s ok to slow down. To be present. To experience and savour every moment.

Where choices are made from a place of alignment, connection and intention. A world of fairness, kindness and compassion. Where people feel nourished and supported to show up as themselves without fear of judgement or shame.

That’s the world I want to live in. The world I want to help create.

To be honest, I did wrestle with that for a while. Where did my logical, organised brain and gift for getting things done efficiently fit into my vision for a world where productivity isn’t the be all and end all?

Louise cartwheel-min.PNG

And then, as my eyes adjusted to the wide open sky (and as I chatted with more and more business-owners), things came into focus.

What if being productive wasn’t about cramming in more and more ‘doing’?

What if it was about creating space?


Since then, I’ve made it my mission to bring compassionate, sustainable productivity to conscious business-owners who are feeling overwhelmed by all they want to do.

I’m harnessing my productivity super-powers and using them for good, not evil! So that together we can build a more sustainable world, where joy is more important than stuff and where being is more important than doing.

What might be possible for you in that world?

(If you're itching to find out, you can read more about working with me here!)

The experiences that led me here…

Me, slightly embarrassed, accepting the “Contribution to the Leicester Comedy Festival Award” in 2007. No, I’m not a comedian! I was recognised for the support I provided as a volunteer.

Me, slightly embarrassed, accepting the “Contribution to the Leicester Comedy Festival Award” in 2007. No, I’m not a comedian! I was recognised for the support I provided as a volunteer.

After completing my degree in English Literature and Art (reading and colouring in - still two of my favourite things to do), I gained over 15 years’ administrative experience in a variety of settings. I've worked as an Administrator, PA, Marketing Assistant, Office Manager and Administrative Team Leader, building a reputation for being highly organised, efficient and dependable.

In fact, during that time I became a multi award winning administrator. No, seriously...!

But although I experienced ‘success’ during my career – particularly during my time working in Higher Education – my days were becoming increasingly stressful. Eventually it was time to explore what life might look like outside of 9-5 employment, and I handed in my notice.

I started my self-employed adventure as a VA, helping my clients share their brilliance with the world in a way that just wouldn’t be possible if they tried to do all the things on their own.

As time went on, I noticed just how many brilliant, talented people were feeling frazzled and overwhelmed. I knew that I could help, so began offering 1:1 productivity mentoring. I help clients find ways of working that feel good, tackling overwhelm and giving them back control of their to-do lists. Together we explore what productivity looks like for them as an individual, and what that means not just for how they run their business but how they enjoy their life.

I love working intensively with clients too, jumping on a train - armed with my logical brain and my vast array of sharpies, post-its and flipchart paper - to spend a day together. Their creativity and my natural tendencies and expertise merge beautifully as we create order from chaos and come up with a plan to move things forward.

Louise 1-min.PNG

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and as though you can’t see the wood for the trees, I can help you find the calm path to a more organised life.

To find out more about working with me, click here.