Are you too available?

Closed. Are you too available?

It's been aaaages since I shared some Getting Stuff Gold with you, but I recently stumbled upon a blog post from Sarah Wilson that, if you're anything like me, I think you might enjoy. It feels especially relevant in light of all the extra commitments and responsibilities we face at this time of year. 

I’ve talked at length about the importance of loosening our grip on technology if we want to be less distracted and more productive. Sarah takes it one step further, inviting us to consider that our addiction to our tech could actually be an addiction to being needed.


You can read the full article here.

She doesn’t mince her words, but I did chuckle in recognition, particularly when I cast my mind back to my last office job, where I’d made myself so over-available that I also made myself ill.

Like Sarah, I will always be someone who wants to help (to any of my clients reading this, please know that I’m still here for you 😉). I have gifts to share with the world, just like you, and I don’t intend on keeping them to myself.

Thankfully I now have stronger boundaries in place, and there’s definitely something to be said for being unavailable from time to time. Sarah’s blog post makes the case for that beautifully.

So, what do you think? Could you make yourself unavailable for a day any time soon? What would you do with the space you create? I choose a lovely long walk followed by a glass or two of mulled wine, a mince pie and some quality time with It’s A Wonderful Life. Bliss!

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