The Menace of the Never-Ending To-Do List


How's your to-do list looking these days? Never-ending? Growing more quickly by the hour?

Tiring, isn't it?

In fact, I think that's rather an understatement.

Our to-do lists can cause colossal amounts of worry and frustration.

When one project is done, we frantically rush to catch up with the things we let slide when focused on that project. Instead of celebrating and enjoying our achievement, we feel guilty and berate ourselves for getting 'behind'.

We fret and push so hard that we're constantly exhausted. We lose our sense of humour and perspective down the back of the sofa and become irritable and snappy. Our minds race with the worry of everything there is to do, making it hard to sleep at night. The lack of sleep makes us even more tired, and so the cycle continues. 

A cycle that depletes the quality of time spent with family and friends (because you're distracted), slows down progress in your business (because you can't focus) and prevents you from getting the rest and relaxation you so desperately need (because you can't switch off).

Does that sound familiar to you?

If you're exhausted by your never-ending to-do list, it may surprise you to learn that the problem could have nothing to do with the tasks on your list at all.

The problem could be the way you relate to and work with your to-do list on a daily basis.

Might it be possible to change the way you view your to-do list so that it doesn't leave you filled with a sense of futility and impending doom?!

Changing your mindset may mean getting comfortable with stuff not getting done.

It may mean accepting that your list feels never-ending because it is, and will continue to be, never-ending (in my experience, we're never 'done')!

But what if you could view that as exciting rather than exhausting?

Instead of seeing it as a menace, what if you simply need to nurture a more positive relationship with your list? To clear aside those feelings of dread and heaviness and make way for anticipation and a sense of achievement? 

If just thinking about your to-do list makes you feel tired, I'm working on something that will help you approach your to-dos differently. It's coming in September and I'll share more next month, so stay tuned!

Louise MillerComment