Who’s in charge around here?

Driving seat.jpg

When you spend your days being pushed and pulled around by other people’s priorities, it doesn’t take long before exasperation and exhaustion kick in.

It’s easy to see how it happens…

You turn on the radio to listen to the news, but that just leaves you feeling irritable and despondent. So you pop the kettle on for your morning coffee and check Facebook whilst it boils. Ooh… exciting! An opportunity for you to promote yourself in a group that’s filled with your ideal clients! Note to self: have a think about what you might share and get onto that asap. Then, if you have small people to organise, it’s the usual battle to get them out the door, complete with last-minute panic about the almost-forgotten PE kit.

Grabbing a coffee, you sit down at your computer and open your inbox ready to start the day. A client has contacted you with a question that needs some careful thought. Oh, and there’s also a reminder letting you know that the free trial of that fancy software you’ve been playing with is about to expire. You really must decide whether it’s worth the investment. Another note to self: figure that out by the end of the day so you don’t get charged for something you don’t need.

Right. You head back into Facebook to post something on your page. Whilst you’re there, someone spots you’re online and sends you a message in messenger, so you have a quick virtual natter whilst also catching up with your notifications.

Ok. Back to your inbox so you can send some important emails. You’d better take a look at what else has landed just in case something exciting is lurking!

Right. Time to get ready for a client call, so you double down and get your shizzle together, coming off the call feeling great, and with some follow-up work that needs adding to your list.

What’s that pinging? Oh yes! You’re trying to organise a weekend away with the girls and the group is trying to find a date that works for everyone so it’s all kicking off in the WhatsApp group. You’d better let them know your availability quick-smart!

And so it continues.

By the end of the day you’re cream crackered. And although you’ve been busy all day, you’re not quite sure what you’ve got to show for it! You certainly haven’t made as much progress as you’d hoped.

It’s so easy to slip into reactive mode. We feel like we’re working hard and getting things done whilst we’re in it (it’s not like we’re just sitting here filing our nails, right?), but when we look back on the day we don’t actually feel any further forward. And how deflating is that?

The good news is that there are things you can do that will put you back in the driving seat, and I’ll be helping you do exactly that during the next round of Productivity Made Simple. If you’re fed up of being on the backfoot and are ready to put your own agenda back at the top of your list of priorities, watch this space! We get started on June 2nd and doors will open later this month.

Until then, do your best to stay mindful. Notice if you feel yourself being pushed and pulled around. Be intentional with your attention and see what a difference it makes when you put yourself back in charge of your time and your focus!